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What do CEOs really want?

iForum brings Tony Buzan, the the Inventor of Mind Map, to Egypt to offer CEOs what they want to witness in their firms: Creativity.
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<p>What do CEOs really want? The answer bears important consequences for management as well as companies' customers and shareholders. The qualities that a CEO values most in the company team set a standard that affects everything from product development and sales to the long-term success of an enterprise.</p>
<p>There is compelling new evidence that CEOs' priorities in this area are changing in important ways. According to a new survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM's Institute for Business Value, CEOs identify "creativity" as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future.</p>
That's creativity—not operational effectiveness, influence, or even dedication. Coming out of the worst economic downturn in their professional lifetimes, when managerial discipline and rigor ruled the day, this indicates a remarkable shift in attitude. It is consistent with the study's other major finding: Global complexity is the foremost issue confronting these CEOs and their enterprises. The chief executives see a large gap between the level of complexity coming at them and their confidence that their enterprises are equipped to deal with it.</p>
Until now creativity has generally been viewed as fuel for the engines of research or product development, not the essential leadership asset that must permeate an enterprise.</p>
<p>Tony Buzan - the Inventor of Mind Map, Ramon Vullings - the Author of Creativity Today, and Cyriel Kortleven - one of the leading creativity speakers in Europe, will talk about "Winning Through Creativity and Innovation" in their April seminar in Egypt. You will learn how to:</p>
<p>- develop your own creative potential</p>
<p>- tab into your creative potential and sail through the untapped sea of yet-to-be consumers.</p>
<p>- improve your creative problem solving skills and artistic spirit</p>
<p>- get practical tools to apply it in their organizations and daily lives</p>
<p>Register before March 21st and receive special, reduced pricing.</p>