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Faragallah's letter to the President

After labor protests at the Faragallah factories, the company closed down – and here is what Chairman Mohamed Farag Amer had to tell the President.

UPDATE: The conflict was resolved and work at the factories resumed on Saturday.

President Mohamed Morsi met with businessmen – including Amer – two days ago, urging them to ratify investments and be optimistic about the country’s future. This is what Amer wrote to Morsi after he had to close his factories “due to security reasons”. Unofficial translation under image

Letter to the President by Mohamed Farag Amer, Chairman of Faragallah

“His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

As you take notice and understand the importance of the private sector’s role in promoting the Egyptian economy and increase production, and the importance of its integration with the state’s role of providing services and essential products to the people; and after meeting with your Excellency and investors [this week ], and becoming optimistic about re-instating an appropriate atmosphere to work and be productive, I have complete faith in the need of national participation to serve our beloved country Egypt.

But, following my advice-asking prayers to God, and the lack of actual support in the real world, and after cheap “bargaining” attempts, and blackmail by workers, alongside with immoral behavior, and unjustified pressure to override the law, working and assuring a bright future has become bitter. According to the above, with great sorrow and apology, we decided to close down the factories of Faragallah for Processed Foods, due to the protests and sit-ins of workers, until the situation stabilizes and the safety returns under the “umbrella” of state security.

With kind regards,

Engineer Mohamed Farag Amer, Chairman”