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GACIC to promote Egypt's construction sector

The German-Arab Chamber of Commerce (GACIC) kicked off its project for Professional Qualification in the Egyptian Construction Sector.

In partnership with the Arab Contractors and German governmental institutions and associations , GACIC announced its efforts in the enhancement of Egypt’s construction sector during an event yesterday. Offering theoretical and practical workshops and trainings to engineers and workers, the government-funded project is to continue until the end of 2013.


CEO of GACIC Dr. Rainer Herret stated: “We cannot do anything about the political situation in Egypt. This is something the Egyptians have to deal with themselves. But we can definitely help with the economy.”

Several experts and company representatives of the Egyptian construction center attended the event, eager to have their engineers, architects, and workers gain skills in order to produce more efficient outcome.

Yet, some claimed that this was not the right time for this kind of activity. Ibrahim ElGohary, Chairman of Misr Engineering for Construction Chemicals was one of the calibers present at the event and assured that the project is a great initiative, yet it comes at the wrong time as business matters have been on the low and the political situation is very unstable.

“Professional qualification is one of the key issues to improve this sector. Egypt’s buildings need three things: better insulation, the saving of energy and water, and safety,” the Economic Counselor of the German Embassy Peter von Wesendonk explained, emphasizing on the great history of Egyptian construction and mentioning the country’s oldest, still standing complex: the pyramids.

The project gives companies a chance to send their engineers to workshops in Germany, where a professional and cultural exchange takes place. As part of the program, these engineers are to train Egyptian workers after they return, in order to give them some of the skills they had acquired.

“The construction sector will be the cornerstone and backbone of Egypt’s economy,” Herret added.

In order to know more about or join the program, please contact GACIC at 33338452.