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Egypt's youth take on development challenges with NU100

Nile University is launching the NU100 Entrepreneurship competition, focusing on solving Egypt's problems via innovation.
“We want to solve Egypt’s problems. This is our dream,” IT-Director of Nile University (NU) Nezar Sami explained during the NU100 Awareness Session Announcement.

NU100 is a competition for Egyptian entrepreneurs that want to turn a technology-based innovative ideas on how to solve Egypt’s problems in different sectors - like water, energy, agriculture, environment, housing, infrastructure, Information Technology etc. - into a profitable business.

NU100’s aim is to help participants achieve their dream while developing the country.

What makes this competition different than other entrepreneurial activities in the country is that NU helps the participating teams in funding and building a prototype of the product or service they are planning to “monetize”. Contenders will be granted access to NU’s labs and research facilities.

The Awareness Session yesterday focused on the meaning of entrepreneurship and the requirements of the competition, yet one could not disregard the elephant in the room: NU’s problem with its new campus.

“The campus-issue has nothing to do with the competition’s operations. We have other labs outside the 6th of October Campus – in Smart Village for instance. If one of the participants needs a special lab that we cannot offer, we will direct him to partner universities and scientific research institutions that will help him and provide him with what he needs,” Sami explained.

During the competition, participants will also be mentored and trained by Egyptian experts in different fields – for instance Dr. Ahmed Deif – former assistant professor at the Industrial Systems Engineering Dept. at University of Regina in Canada.

To know more about the competition and how to apply, please visit the following links: