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100 businessmen travel with Morsi to Europe

An Egyptian business delegation is accompanying President Mohamed Morsi on his trip to Germany and France this week.
UPDATE: According to Reuters, Mursi cancelled plans to go on to Paris from Berlin and will instead hurry back to Cairo later in the day. Business meetings went as planned.

The Egyptian Business Development Association (EBDA) announced that the delegation will take part in economic forums in both countries and participate in workshops, aiming at attracting foreign investment in Egypt.

The workshops in Germany will deal with different sectors, such as agriculture, investment, industry, services, tourism and energy. The 100 businessmen will also sign partnerships and agreements in France, with focus on scientific research and Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMEs).

Another aim of the trip is to start networking with businessmen and experts in both countries.

Morsi’s travel-plans come at a critical time, as three Egyptian governorates are subjected to Emergency Law and Curfew, after clashes broke out at the second anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution and continued for several days. About 70 people died and many hundreds were injured in the past few days, and clashes are still on-going in Cairo and other governorates.