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Arabic Web Days celebrated by the Ministry of Education

As Google is working on "arabizing" the Internet, The Egyptian Ministry of Education decided to promote the initiative.
Google Egypt | 12.12.2012
The Egyptian Ministry of Education declared today an “Arabic Web Day” in collaboration with Google and several other regional and International partners. The Ministry’s participation is part of Arabic Web Days”, a one-month program with initiatives by both global and regional players in MENA to inspire users to create more content in Arabic.

Egyptian Minister of Education, Ibrahim Ghoneim, announced the participation of the Ministry of Education in the Arabic Web Days program on November 19th as part of the Ministry’s dedication and commitment to enriching Arabic content on the Web.

“The rapid developments in Internet technologies and their widespread allows for new opportunities of communication with students and enables teachers to be more creative in their teaching methods and reaching out to students; therefore the Ministry is concerned in spreading important content online through this initiative and to provide students with useful content” said Ibrahim Ghoneim, Egyptian Minister of Education.

The Ministry’s plan includes the creation of several online portals and educational channels which are specialized in hosting and catering to educational content. The content is set to include all educational curriculums from the first grade to the 12th in addition to uploading educational video content on the Ministry’s YouTube channel as well as hosting live-interaction via Google+ Hangouts.

“The Ministry’s participation in Arabic Web Days demonstrates their commitment to embracing the Internet and utilizing the web to educate Egyptians for generations to come”, said Samir ElBahaie, Head of Public Policy in the MENA region who added “the decision by the Ministry to digitize educational content and make it readily available for all students highlights their commitment to eradicating illiteracy and promoting the spread of knowledge and education in Egypt.”

The Ministry’s declaration and celebration of an “Arabic Web Day” will witness the creation of several online portals dedicated to aiding Egyptian students in all schooling grades have access to regularly updated e-Content. The Ministry’s commitment to digitizing educational content and making it readily available for Egyptian students will usher a new era in the educational sector and aid Egyptian students in having access to Arabized and relevant content as part of their educational curriculums.