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Intel provides its broadband experience in Egypt

The workshop served as an opportunity to align "eMisr National Broadband Plan", which was announced by NTRA in 17 November 2011.
Intel Egypt held a workshop in cooperation with the National Telecom Regulatory Authority in Egypt (NTRA) to share its insights and experience in broadband implementations around the world and how it can come to realization in upcoming National Broadband implementation plans in Egypt.

The workshop brought together attendees from the NTRA, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, as well as local operators and service providers to explore possible ways of collaboration in the implementation and contribution to the new ICT strategy for broadband introduced by NTRA "eMisr National Broadband Plan".

The workshop served as an opportunity to align "eMisr National Broadband Plan", which was announced by NTRA in 17 November 2011, with the worldwide broadband plans through discussing broadband impacts on the social and economic levels in Egypt, Universal Service Fund plans (USF), Educational Transformation programs and deployments and other broadband practices to move the Egyptian society into the digital era.

The key strategic objectives of eMisr Plan aim to recognize Egypt as a front-runner in digital communications, to increase job opportunities, to stimulate economic growth nationwide and foster social cohesion, to harmonize with other sectors in the Government to improve the quality of life for all citizens, and to avoid an increased digital division within Egypt.

Intel Experts from USA and Europe shared their challenging and successful broadband implementation experiences, knowledge and best methods for the realization of the "eMisr National Broadband Plan". The spread of ICT and Broadband implementation requires a capable infrastructure and a healthy ecosystem to support and to fulfill the future needs.

Eng. Karim El Fateh, Intel Egypt country manager, stated, "Intel believes that a revolutionary convergence of information and communication technologies is coming. Through Broadband implementation, consumers and businesses overall Egypt will benefit as it's a main source of growth and development. In order to bridge the digital gap in the country, Intel is sharing its expertise in Broadband to speed up that ICT convergence and to overcome the challenges facing the Egyptian society in different national fields like education, health and others."

"It is my belief that with Egypt standing at the crossroads, we must establish a good foundation in order to attain sustainable development nationwide. These endeavors must include wide adoption of broadband and information technology as a top priority on the government agenda. I deem the eMisr National Broadband Plan a living document that will convey our perception and ideas toward a better-performing ICT sector. With the implementation of appropriate strategic and regulatory decisions, the reformed telecom sector will become a role-model for other economic sectors in Egypt and the region," said Dr. Amr Badawi, NTRA Executive President.