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Egypt chosen to welcome Microsoft's Windows 8

Microsoft launched its latest Operating System Windows 8 in Egypt last week, in attendance of Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Ali Faramawy.
Egypt was chosen as one of the 19 countries that would welcome Windows 8 with a boom – and so it did. In an exceptional launch-ceremony, Microsoft worked on bringing Windows 8’s new features closer to the Egyptian mindset and simultaneously, worked on supporting the local tourism-sector. The company called it ‘the most powerful product launch in the history of Microsoft Egypt’.

The “revamped” Windows 8 offers a new, more efficient user interface and a refurbished Start screen based on Live Tiles, a touch-friendly Internet Explorer 10, and built-in Cloud capabilities with SkyDrive that allow the user to easily share images and documents. Additionally, this product marks the launch of Windows Store, the parallel substitute for Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

After being launched worldwide at the end of October 2012, already 4 million operating systems were sold.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Ali Faramawy welcomed Windows 8 in Egypt by stating: “It is not just any product, because it changes the way we deal with devices, opens the door to millions of apps and is a cornerstone and shift in the way Microsoft is seen.”

“Touch is everywhere! Windows 8 can operate on tablets and PCs – and everything in between,” he elaborates. Through cloud-computing, each user can sync his Start screen, user interface and personal settings on all of his / her devices running on Windows 8.

During the launch event, Microsoft experts and 96 trained students showcased the new operating system with its different axes, including: Reinventing the Windows system and reintroducing it with a totally different look, Windows 8 apps that you really need, Windows e-store, working from home using the new system, IE 10, connecting with the cloud services, protection and security of data, and adaptability of the new system to a wide range of computers and e-devices. All this was accompanied by props and setups representing different features and cities of Egypt – as well as an oriental music band, ushers disguised as street vendors and an infamous “Friska”-seller.

“The new system will give the user a unique experience that will perfectly match his needs, whether he wants to use a PC or tablet computer, or is using it for business or entertainment purposes,” Khaled Abdel Kader, General Manager of Microsoft Egypt explained. “We re-imagined Windows for everyone everywhere and it is a dream come true for us. This will change lives.”

Windows 8 and more than 40 unique Windows 8 devices will be immediately available from major retail stores countrywide in two versions at retail, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.