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Samsung Galaxy Note II: Officially in Egypt

Launching in the MENA-region before the US, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is expected to take the market by storm.
In an eloquent setting at City Stars, Samsung announced its new smartphone Galaxy Note II to the Egyptian market. Portraying it as a tool for both – businessmen and artists -, the company’s latest creation surely does offer means for detailed, applicable and realistic self-expression and takes Samsung’s innovation in their former gadgets a step further.

General Manager of Samsung Egypt Duke Park describes the gadget as “one of the most personalized interactive user experiences available on the smartphone market”.

Samsung sees advantageous possibilities in the Egyptian market, as Parker explains: “The hand held product market is one of Egypt’s most advanced and competitive electronic sectors, and consumers have come to expect that Samsung provides products with greater creativity and even more advanced technologies.”

This Galaxy Note is all about the features and properties of the S Pen. Dear user, you do not need to use your thumb or any other fingers to operate this smartphone.

As the Note I, the Note II is a 100% touch-activated device and comes with an S Pen – yet this one has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, which means that it offers more accuracy and preciseness. The pen is thicker, longer, and thus offers a better grip, which makes it more comfortable to use. As soon as the S Pen is removed from the device, a Pop Up Note appears on the screen, and allows the user to scribble away.

One of the outstanding features of the pen is that it allows the user to outline and crop any content on the screen in various shapes – and voilà, you created a customized screenshot.

The S Pen can also be used to hover over any notification in order to preview the content without opening it – this is what Samsung calls the Air View technology. Also, Note II makes hand-written integration into e-mails, notes and calendars possible.

Another asset one should mention is the 1.9 Megapixel VT camera, which selects and suggests your best images for you through options like “Best Photo” and “Best Face”. Also, video recordings can be played back in fast or slow motion.

Additionally, the HD Super AMOLED screen is one of Samsung’s newest creations and opens doors to a crystal clear view on the 5.5” (140.9mm) display. With a 1.6 quad-core processor and the Android 4.1 Jellybean OS, the battery of the Note II is much stronger than previous Samsung batteries.

It is expected that the Galaxy Note II becomes a “threat” to Apple’s recently released iPhone 5, as many tech-savvies believe that the former’s pros outnumber the latter’s.