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Adobe determines new pricing strategy for Egyptian businesses

Adobe Systems Incorporated MENA is focusing on offering their Egyptian clients a better pricing strategy for their businesses.
In line with its efforts to reduce software piracy and to make its products more affordable for Egypt's business sector, Adobe Systems Incorporated MENA unveiled a new pricing strategy for Egyptian businesses aimed at making its leading creativity and business productivity applications more accessible to Egypt's business community and design industry professionals.

During a press conference, Adobe revealed the new pricing strategy, which will center on Adobe's popular Creative Suite 6 'CS6' and the Adobe Acrobat application software; Adobe is offering Egyptian businesses discounts of up to 60 per cent on these products.

Speaking at the press conference, Mohamed Hegazy, Director for Intellectual Property Rights 'IPR' office, Information Technology Industry Development, said, "This move from Adobe to offer discounts on its products in Egypt will have significant positive effects on the local business community. On one hand this strategy will support the country's growing design industry and creative talent, on the other, it will perfectly complement the government's ongoing efforts to protect intellectual property rights and curb software piracy. We are firmly committed to boosting the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy, and central to these efforts is our focus on safeguarding the sustained growth of the local IT sector."

Abdallah Saqqa, General Manager, Adobe Systems MENA, said, "Egypt undoubtedly is one of Adobe's prime markets in the region given the tremendous potential and opportunities it offers. This pricing strategy we have unveiled has been tailored specifically for Egypt after thoroughly evaluating local market requirements. We strongly believe that the new pricing structure for our most popular products will go a long way in encouraging end-users in Egypt to purchase genuine software and thereby supporting our underlining goal of aiding government efforts to tackle software piracy and protect IPR."

Naser Samaenah, Regional License Compliance Manager ME & North Africa, Adobe Systems MENA, said, "It is vital that a company such as Adobe, which is strongly committed to the Egyptian market, continues to introduce high-impact measures that emphasize the definite value of using genuine software products, both for the end-users and the economy as a whole. We are keen on complementing the efforts of the Egyptian Government to protect intellectual property rights and ensure that software piracy does not impede economic growth."

Jawad Al Redha, Business Software Alliance 'BSA' Chair, Gulf Region, said, "Reducing software piracy requires the concerted efforts of the government, industry and end-users, which is why high-impact strategies like that announced by Adobe in Egypt today play a significant role. End-users in Egypt can make the most of this pricing model to experience the distinct benefits of using licensed software, including optimal performance and an enhanced level of productivity and efficiency. This move from Adobe complements the regular awareness campaigns that the BSA has been undertaking in Egypt, in coordination with the government, to highlight the adverse consequences of using unlicensed software, both for the local economy and the end-users."