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Orascom celebrates the reopening of Taba International Marina

In an attempt to support the recovery of tourism, Orascom Hotels and Development reopened the Taba International Marina in Sinai.
Orascom Hotels & Development celebrated the reopening of Taba International Marina on 29 September; a milestone toward supporting the recovery of tourism.

The ceremony was attended by top government officials including Prime Minister, Dr Hisham Qandil, Minister of Tourism, Mr Hisham Zaazou, Governor of South Sinai, Mr Khaled Foda, Minister of Transport, Dr Mohamed Rashad El Meteiny and Minister of State for Antiquities, Mr Mohamed Ibrahim. Senior Jordanian officials included Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Nayef Al Fayez, Jordanian Ambassador in Egypt, Mr. Hisham El Khaswana, Dr. Kamel Mahadin, commissioner of Aqaba Special and Mr. Ghassan Ghanem, Chief Executive Officer of Aqaba Development.

OHD figureheads including Eng Samih Sawiris, Chairman, Mr Hamza Selim, Chief Destinations Management Officer and Mr Gamal Morsy, VP Government Affairs and Land Development, welcomed the government delegation. Granted an international tourist marina license in 2005, with several million dollar investments Marina is expected to facilitate the transport of over 250,000 passengers each year.

Mr Hesham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism, emphasized the Marina's vital role in supporting intra-regional tourism, "Taba Marina is essential in revitalizing tourism between Egypt and Jordan, accounting for a total of 350,000 tourist arrivals to Egypt annually. Reopening it actively demonstrates the effective collaboration between various ministries towards the collective goal of supporting the recovery of tourism."

He added that the Marina's re-inauguration is a testament to the region's safety and security; an essential prerequisite for the recovery of tourism.

"Taba Marina is an economic lifeline for thousands of Egyptians living in Sinai, and its re-inauguration contributes substantially to their livelihood and prosperity; a definitive government priority," he added.

Minister highlighted that the marina will have a great added value for the planned joint Arab tourism marketing efforts and its implication on tourism flow from Asia and the USA on the long run.

"The government's tremendous support to successfully reopen Taba Marina demonstrates the collective commitment to support tourism in Egypt" said Eng Samih Sawiris, Chairman Orascom Development. "Orascom Development is proud to be a partner supporting tourism in Egypt, especially in the region of the Sinai Peninsula which not only has immense symbolic national value but tremendous income generating potential."

Mr Gamal Morsy, VP Government Affairs and Land Development, said, "We look forward to working hand in hand with the government to fulfill the region's potential. We have invested in the marina and have plans to place further investments to boost tourism in this vital region."

Spanning an area of 4.3 million sqm, Taba Heights features six operating hotels with 2365 rooms.

"As Orascom Development's second self sufficient resort, we have the infrastructure in place to boost tourism revenues from this region. The reopening of the Marina addresses security misconceptions that have recently hampered tourism in this area. The marina helps drive tourism to the area allowing for a rich travel program covering some of the world's renowned attractions in Sinai and Petra in Jordan." said Mr. Hamza Selim, Chief Destinations Management Officer.