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Coca-Cola to create educational business model for children

The award-winning edutainment city KidZania is partnering up with Coca-Cola to create the first miniature replica of the company's bottling plant.
In an attempt to promote investment and boost the Egyptian economy, KidZania Cairo, the award-winning children's edutainment city, has signed a 5-years partnership contract with Coca-Cola Egypt, bringing the first miniature replica of a real-world Coca-Cola Bottling Plant to the kids-scale city.

"We are very pleased to partner with Coca-Cola as we constantly seek to team up with partners who can add real business and social components of a bustling metropolis to the city," Said Mr. Tarek Zidan, KidZania Egypt Governor.

"KidZania will take the little ones on a fun-filled journey to experience adult life through role playing a wide range of occupations, by role-playing as works at Coca-Cola's Bottling Plant, kids will put on a uniform, follow technical instructions, fill and seal bottles and even verify fulfillment of quality standards."

Empowering a new generation of children is a shared fundamental initiative that both Coca-Cola and KidZania believe in. The KidZania concept allows them to do so by developing best business responsibility practices and learning decision-making skills to prepare them for the future.

Mr. Ahmed Nazmy, Coca-Cola Egypt Marketing Manager, said: "KidZania offers children the opportunity to understand and appreciate different professions through a hands-on approach. We believe that education is one of the keys to socio-economic development. We work hard to create, build and encourage educational programs for students of all ages."