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Vodafone Egypt presents new bill for customers

The new bill launched by Vodafone Egypt includes details about the customer's usage and new tarrifs, and comes with new outlets.
Vodafone Egypt | 12.09.2012
With the aim of constantly providing all that is new, Vodafone Egypt is now offering its postpaid line customers a new detailed bill with an innovative design and unprecedented details that meet the customers' needs.

The new bill contains information about new tariffs, usage and internet fees, as well as new retail outlets available and the different payment methods.

This new billing experience is intended to ensure the comfort of postpaid customers by providing detailed information regarding their monthly usage of the internet, local, international and roaming calls.

The new bill comes as an affirmation of the leadership of Vodafone in meeting the needs of post paid customers in the Egyptian market.

Ahmed Khedr, Head of Credit Management at Vodafone Egypt, said that the company held several polls and workshops to gather as much information about customers' opinions on the current bill, and made comparisons to bills issued by companies worldwide in the telecom sector and across industries with the aim of providing our customers with the utmost experience in the Egyptian market.

As a result, a new user friendly bill was launched, rich in details and attractive in design providing post paid customers with a unique experience different from any other in the market.

Khedr also added that the new bill will be available in print and online (e-bills), in which the e-bills have the advantage of security of information and immediate issuance without any delay. Moreover, e-bills are user friendly and contain all information that customers receive on their paper bill, in addition to being environment friendly.

He highlighted that the new bill includes all lines linked to a particular account, all in one place, and offers all the information about monthly subscriptions and additional services, as well as costs of local, international and roaming calls, and the Vodafone One points acquired.

Moreover, it contains a section with details of units - free and consumed - locally and internationally, and internet usage, in addition to another section added specifically to inform customers of new products and services.