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Samsung combines the best of Home Entertainment and Gaming Technology

Samsung First to Offer Motion-Controlled Angry Birds App on Smart TVs.
Samsung Corporation | 06.08.2012
Samsung Electronics a global leader in consumer electronics, announced the launch of the Angry Birds App, which will be available on Samsung Smart TV’s, for the first time ever. Already one of the globes most popular smartphone apps, the introduction of this gaming app, will help in strengthening Samsung’s leading market position, making them the only Smart TV provider to host the app.

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Launched in November 2009, Angry Birds which was developed by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish entertainment media company, has successful built its fan base through colorful characters and engaging game play. To date, the Angry Bird app had been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is played on multiple electronic platforms. The introduction of the app to Samsung’s Smart TV line-up, however, is supposed to add a whole new dimension to the game. Utilizing Samsung’s Motion Control technology; users will be able to enjoy and even more interactive gaming experience, where players with the simple wave of a hand can control game features including slingshot and activate bird’s special features.

“In the past we were used to the home entertainment industry being all about movies and TV programs, but more and more consumers are demanding the integration of entertainment platforms. The introduction of the Angry Birds App is just one of the continuous steps we take at Samsung to ensure we are constantly catering to the growing needs of our consumers. As the first smart TV provider to host this app we are proud that we continue to maintain our position as a market leader and believe that it is our drive and unique understanding of our consumers and their needs that has allowed us to continue to innovate.” said Mr. Duke Park General Manager, Samsung Egypt. “Bringing together the best of home entertainment and gaming technology, just seemed like a natural progression in the development of our Smart TV range.”

The first Smart TV game developed to work with Motion Control, Samsung has worked closely with Rovio over the past year to apply its advanced technology to the Angry Birds app for Samsung Smart TVs. Launching worldwide in July, the Angry Birds App for Samsung Smart TV will be available on Samsung 2012 Smart Interaction enabled models by updating the latest firmware.

The introduction of this gaming app marks the very first TV game to use Samsung’s revolutionary motion control technology, opening the doors for more games which utilize this technology to be introduced in the future. Additionally, Samsung plans to offer Video-on-Demand Angry Birds animations developed by Rovio after the official app launch. The animations will be available first on Samsung Smart TVs.