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ExxonMobil celebrates MECA Academy students of Ain Shams University

MECA is a program that primarily aims to bridge the gap between academic studies and practical work life.
ExxonMobil | 07.08.2012
ExxonMobil Egypt celebrated the three winning teams this year of MECA Academy - Ain Shams University, in an event which was attended by ExxonMobil Egypt Management and volunteers, as well as the MECA Academy members and the winning student participants.

MECA (Mechanical, Engineering, Construction, Architect) - is a program that primarily aims to bridge the gap between academic studies and practical work life. The initiative was implemented through 21 volunteers from ExxonMobil Egypt (employees and managers) who provided technical lectures and workshops that communicated to students the reality of post-graduation work while still in studying. In addition to distinguishing its volunteering employees and the winning students, ExxonMobil Egypt celebrated the MECA Academy program for being one of the first companies that supported such an initiative which helped students in achieving their goals through a very intensive program.

Andy Wells, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ExxonMobil Egypt, congratulated the three winnings teams ( SML, Global Oils, Innolub) with their achievement and wished them a successful future in their professional life. "The human being is the catalyst of development and progress, " Mr. Wells stated at the beginning of his speech. "The potential of any society" , he continued, " lies within its qualified and trained human capital; hence, we have made a commitment to support our communities with initiatives focused on education and development of the future generation".

"As we firmly believe that development stems from individuals and new generations of high caliber, we have always been keen to provide technical and financial support to groom future leaders in business market," he added.

Mr. Wells directed words of appreciation and gratitude to the ExxonMobil Egypt's team of volunteers who diligently participated in the MECA Academy. Mr Wells also expressed his admiration of the team of volunteers who spared no effort to impart their expertise to students saying: "You have set a great example of efficient volunteer work with your active, generous engagement in training MECA's students. Together we will go on with our support to MECA students to help create coming generations capable of pushing forward the horizons of success."

ExxonMobil's support to MECA began 3 years ago with a series of effective, hands-on lectures in a variety of areas including Time Management, Industrial Safety, Supply chain and Business Ethics, just to name a few.

Ahmed Abdel Dayem, a member of ExxonMobil's lecturer team and the Africa- Middle East SGA Cluster Manager expressed his pleasure to take part in MECA program saying: "It was a wonderful chance to see the younger generations in an environment that does not impose restrictions on success, as there is nothing to stop those avid students from tying their hardest to succeed. It was an honor to exchange experience with such a great team...Well done!"

Echoing Mr Abdel Dayem's admiration of the experience, Mohamed Eissa, Senior Field Engineer and L&S Field Engineering Support at ExxonMobil Egypt, said he was thrilled to be part of this initiative. "The experience with MECA was breathtaking. It took me back 16 years when I was a student at the same faculty myself. I remember how we used to look for a similar opportunity to help us have a firsthand experience with real businesses outside the university fences. That's why I leapt at such opportunity to share my experience with future leaders of MECA and help them pursue my own young dream."

"What was most interesting in this experience was getting in touch with such future leaders, those young engineers who have got unlimited potential and vigour waiting out there to be unleashed, shaped and directed in the right direction. A sincere thanks to everyone who gave me this opportunity, I wish them all the best for their future life".

"Since my last contribution in the MECA internship of 2010/2011 I decided to go further and deeper and I volunteered with the ExxonMobil Egypt team through MECA Academy which enabled us to increase the scope of our work and involvement with MECA team and student. Now after I finished the program, I am very proud of all the students I worked with and I was highly impressed by the work and output these students delivered throughout the program," said Mohamed Nabil AME Chief Engineer.

For their part, the students stressed the benefits they gained from direct contact with ExxonMobil Egypt team and the exposure to that vast range of their expertise. Amir Ayman, a member of MECA, stressed and reviewed ExxonMobil Egypt's close engagement with them and its effective contribution year after year.

"ExxonMobil Egypt has a long, rich history with us; this relationship extends and strengthens year after year with the tremendous support ExxonMobil Egypt's team has been lending us for more than three years."

"This year, ExxonMobil Egypt has built up its long-time support to us through its sponsorship of the MECA Academy, including the annual celebration, in which they honored the winning teams of this year."

Receiving a certificate from a business giant like ExxonMobil Egypt will undoubtedly reinforce students' qualification, grooming graduates with a special combination of academic study and hands-on experience, Ayman added.