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Vodafone Egypt starts Ramadan promotions

Vodafone Egypt launched several promotions for the Holy Month of Ramadan 2012, on USB modems, phone numbers and ADSL Lines.
Vodafone Egypt | 25.07.2012
Vodafone Egypt launched a promotion during Ramadan whereby it offers various discounts to its customers. A raffle draw will be conducted by the end of the promotional period. Each of the raffle draw winners will get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. Winners will be announced during August.

As part of the promotion, those who subscribe for ADSL Express get 2 months of service without any fee starting from the second bill. This offer is available when customers subscribe online and is valid only during the month of Ramadan.

At the same time, customers who buy the Vodafone USB Modem K3770 online with any USB bundle get an instant 60 percent discount off the price of the device. This offer is only available when customers buy the device online from Vodafone Online shop and only for a limited quantity. Each person is eligible for only 2 discounted devices.

As part of the same promotion, customers can reserve Vodafone's special numbers online and enjoy up to 75 percent discount. Each person will be able to reserve two numbers within 48 hours with original prices, but only one discounted number within 48 hours. This offer is only available for 10 days during the month of Ramadan.

Moreover, customers can subscribe online now in the SMS Alerts Service and enjoy 10 days of service at no extra cost. This offer is only available when users subscribe online and is valid only during the month of Ramadan. Once users subscribe, the first 10 days of service will be for free.