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Ad spending in Egypt up 67%

Global spending on advertising increased 3.1% in Q1 of 2012, as the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America lead the growth.
The world saw a $128 billion increase on ad spending in the first quarter of 2012, continuing the growth the sector had seen late 2011.

Multinational Research Company Nielsen released a report dealing with the money going into the advertising sector in Q1/2012, with the Middle East and Africa up 23.3%. Egypt played a significant role in that fiscal jump, as Egyptian companies and organizations pumped 67.1% more money into advertising than last year.

Randall Beard, EVP, Advertiser Solutions at Nielsen, explained: “Advertisers continue to recognize the potential of emerging markets like Latin America and Africa as they look to reach new customers. These markets have proven their resilience through the down economy, and many consumers now wield spending power like never before.”

Television advertising grew 33.8% in the Middle East and North Africa, while internet advertising witnessed a 35.2% rise in the region. Radio also had its share this year, as companies spent 21.1% more on audio advertising than last year, and outdoor advertising jumped 45.3%.

Pan-Arab media increased its ad spending by 43.6%, whereas Lebanon and Kuwait actually decreased the amount of money they spent in that sector.

Europe did not join the craze, as its overall ad spending actually decreased by 1.4%, mainly due to the economic crises of Greece and Spain. Yet, France, Germany and Switzerland did spend some more dollars on advertising, compared to last year.

For more information on global advertising spending, download the Nielsen report here: