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Nestle launches 'Be at Your Best with Nestle'

"Be at Your Best with Nestlé" targets Egyptian families with the aim of empowering them to adopt balanced diets & a healthy lifestyle.
Nestlé Egypt | 13.06.2012
On the occasion of celebrating over 100 years of nourishing happy homes in Egypt, Nestlé encouraged Egyptian consumers to live a healthy and active lifestyle through its "Be at Your Best with Nestlé" activation in many hypermarkets across Cairo including Hyper one, CityStars , Mall of Arabia, Dandy Mall, and more locations yet to come.

This on-ground activation is part of Nestlé's nutrition, health and wellness program "Be at Your Best with Nestlé", which targets Egyptian families with the aim of empowering them to adopt balanced diets & a healthy lifestyle, through increasing their nutrition knowledge and educating them on the importance of being physically active.

The booth includes three corners, each with a certain activity and purpose to help deliver the "Be at Your Best with Nestlé" messages.

The first corner is "Best Me", hosted by accredited Nestlé nutrition specialists offering visitors free personalized nutrition advice, weight management & lifestyle consultation. This is based on the consumer's measured body mass index & lifestyle assessment calculated on the spot, along with nutrition tips on how to make informed food choices using the Nestlé Nutritional Compass available on all Nestlé products.

The second corner "Best Mum", is dedicated to mothers & kids, where kids are invited to have a delightful experience of personally preparing a healthy drink using Nestlé products like NIDO, Nesquik, Nestle Pure life and Nesquik breakfast cereal. Meanwhile, mothers are informed of the benefits of these products and their contribution to the healthy growth & development of their children.

The third corner is "Best Cook", where a professional chef prepares healthy, quick & tasty recipes, using a variety of Nestlé's products like MAGGI bouillon, and Nestle Ice Cream, while sharing tips on preparing healthy & tasty meals for the family.

There is also a special photo-shoot section available for all "Be at Your Best with Nestlé" visitors, where visitors took a photo infront of the a picture of Nestlé's sales agency in Cairo in 1914.