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Samsung's Smart TV brings interaction, content & (r)evolution

A TV activated by voice and motion, that keeps the user fit and the children entertained – Samsung launched the 2012 Smart TV in Egypt.
Samsung brought to life what it would call a “revolution in the television industry”, as it launched the 2012 lineup of the second version of Smart TV in Egypt yesterday.

“This is a revolution in the television industry. The Samsung Smart TV is based on three main factors: smart interaction, smart content and smart evolution,” Duke Park, General Manager of Samsung Electronics Egypt announced.

To start off with the smart interaction, the Smart TV includes voice control and recognition in 20 languages, gesture recognition through a built-in HD camera, and face recognition. This means that one can operate the television from afar without the need of a remote control. Phrases like “Hello Smart TV” turns it on, “volume up” increases the volume and “Channel 3” lets the TV automatically jump to the specified channel.

“What does ‘smart’ mean in our world today? It means ‘application’,” Park explained to Egypt Business Directory. With a friendly user-interface, users can surf the internet and download applications from the online Samsung store – with just a wave of the hand. This is what the “gesture recognition” is used for.
As for the face recognition, it helps in opening your Facebook, Twitter, or Skype-account faster. The TV scans a person’s face, and if that person is registered on the network, he / she can easily access his / her personal accounts.

The “smart content”-feature provides a family bulletin board, where all members of the family can share photos, messages, and reminders from their Samsung devices. It is based on a cloud-sharing technology. Smart TV also has a fitness program and a kids program – the fitness program offers exercises specified for the user’s body and the kids program gives a list of interactive edutainment games, that can be played by children while being monitored by parents.

“Smart evolution” is a feature that automatically updates your TV-set. Under the motto “Renew your TV every year”, the television keeps itself up-to-date with new Samsung innovations and automatically applies them on its own, through the “Evolution Kit”.

Last year, the first version of the Samsung Smart TV launched, but it was very expensive. “This year, we adjusted the price, so it would become more affordable,” Duke concluded.

Samsung’s Smart TV can switch between 2D and 3D with just a click, has a built-in Flash player 10.2, a slim 5m bezel, Micro Dimming Ultimate, and a dual core processor.

Besides launching its new television lineup, Samsung is also bringing the Galaxy SIII-generation to Egypt. Pre-orders already started: