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Future University boosts employment prospects with SAP's IT training

SAP's UAP has to date signed up 27 institutions across Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the company aims double that figure.
Future University Egypt (FUE) has joined SAP's globally acclaimed University Alliance Program (UAP) as it seeks to ramp up its output of graduates capable of succeeding in the Egypt's potential-rich technology sector.

The initiative is set to provide Cairo-based FUE with the tools and resources needed to teach students how IT technology can empower individuals, enable integrated business processes and inspire strategic thinking - vital skills that will figure prominently in the realization of Egypt's future development aspirations.

SAP's UAP has to date signed up 27 institutions across Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the company aims double that figure within the next four years.

Supporting existing business, engineering and IT programs, the UAP provides hands-on experience of key SAP technologies, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), and puts theory into practice through demonstrations, case studies and research.

"Egypt's future development will benefit greatly from a higher education system that is dynamic and where innovation, entrepreneurship and vision are nurtured," said Professor Ebada Sarhan, President, FUE.

"SAP's UAP fits perfectly with our educational philosophy, and will help us raise the standard of graduates that can secure influential leadership positions in business, industry and government, as well as play notable roles in Egypt's continually evolving vision and goals," added Sarhan.

Founded in 2006, by Dr. Hassan Azazy, FUE is one of Egypt's leading private education institutions, providing acclaimed programmes focusing on teaching, research and service.

"FUE is a laudably progressive academic hub that not only enriches Egypt as a country but also the world at large," said Amr Ghoneim, Country Manager, SAP Egypt.

"This is a place where students do not merely passively learn by rote, rather they become immersed in vital subjects and acquire the skills, attributes and visions necessary to become tomorrow's leaders. SAP is proud to help broaden their horizons further still, and I am certain that this collaboration will be a tremendous success for both the individuals involved as well as Egypt's hugely exciting, burgeoning technology sector," added Ghoneim.