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IPneo receives the IMS industry award for best IMS Client Framework

IPneo’s IMS Client Framework has been chosen to receive the IMS Industry Award for the Best IMS client Framework.
IPneo | 22.05.2012
IPneo’s IMS client framework is designed to grant a generic and flexible architecture allowing both, seamless integration with new IMS services and easy selection of pluggable IMS services based on the customer and market needs. Being highly modular and scalable, provides a fully customizable framework ready for the development of an unlimited number of IMS applications and services including: PoC, Presence, instant messaging, image share, file share, video share, VoIP, RCS, RCS-e (Joyn), VoLTE and VCC. The framework is also platform independent thanks to the environment adaptation layer which allows the framework to run on a wide range of platforms including Android (both Phones and Tablets), iOS (4.0 and 5.0), Windows Mobile, Symbian, Windows, Linux and Mac.

The framework also has repeatedly proved to be the best-in class through extensive bilateral Interoperability Testing (IOT) done for several years with major IMS network vendors and operators.

IPneo is committed to continuously enhancing its IMS Client Framework to keep it always in this leading position.