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Schneider Electric Egypt meets with students from the Faculty of Engineering, ASU

The aim of the visit is to help students to identify workshops and production lines from the plant throughout a training session.
In an effort to raise students' levels at Egyptian universities and expose young people to the most important and latest technology solutions for energy management, Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, invited 50 students from the third and fourth year of Electrical Engineering Department at Ain Shams University to the company's plant in Badr Industrial city.

The aim of the visit is to help students to identify workshops and production lines from the plant throughout a training session and a comprehensive tour inside the plant.

The initiative aims to provide students the vocational training necessary for concepts of energy efficiency along with a view of the best technologies and ideas that are on the scene in regards to the field of new and renewable energy, which contributes directly to providing a decent life for many people around the world.

Mohammad Saad, president of Schneider Electric Africa and the Caribbean said: "We are trying through this practical visit, to stand at the latest scientific developments and see the compatibility between what they teach students as theories in comparison to real practices. The company aims to benefit from young minds and inspire them to learn something new while directing them into becoming an effective tool for the community later on." Saad added "We have selected the students based on the extent of their knowledge of the latest development in energy management and solutions offered by Schneider Electric as a leading company in the field of energy efficiency over the past three decades both regionally and globally."

The company prepared a training workshop for students throughout the day. The workshop highlighted the achievements of the company's record with hundreds of projects in the area of energy efficiency in Egypt. These achievements made Schneider Electric one of the most capable companies to implement such projects, and provide more cost-effective solutions. The visit also stands as a good learning experience for students in helping them understand and design sustainable projects in the field of energy management while establishing a good relationship with the company and exchanging experiences in order to enrich the students' knowledge and enable them gain experience and understanding through their work and their communication with Schneider Electric.

The students expressed their gratitude to Schneider Electric for selecting them to visit the factory as they find it very beneficial, relating theoretical studies to tangible and practical learning. They expressed their desire to repeat this visit to maintain constant communication with the company.