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Egypt Last Minute Launches Campaign

Egypt last minute launches new campaign under the title "no Pre-Payment Needed, Pay at the End of Trip" when client is satisfied.
Egypt Last Minute | 05.04.2012, Egyptian Travel Company in Cairo by the pyramids of Egypt, launches today a new campaign to attract more tourists to revisit Egypt, making sure that they will have the tour of their lifetime.

Egypt last minute launches new campaign called no Pre-Payment Needed, Pay at the End of Trip When client is satisfied.

No pre-payment needed, Pay at the end of trip, as they mentioned.

That's the first Travel Agency in Egypt to provide this service, so, Payment Policy ensures that everyone works extremely hard to give the clients the holiday of a lifetime, otherwise no one gets paid.

Egypt last minute does secure any booking with credit card, to ensure it, but no money is taken until clients authorize payment at the end of tour.

CEO Mr. Yousef said, "Its a new way of marketing to make sure that tourist will get best service when he is in Egypt, travel agents and tourists from all over the world should encourage Egyptian economy after our great revolution but what's happening now that I see them punishing us by not visiting us, any way tourists will guarantee an excellent service now, when they just pay at the last minute as if they are not satisfied they are not requested to pay," as CEO Yousef said earlier today.

Mr. Yousef CEO of mentions also "that since we launched this campaign we received many tourists requests, many booking for this April," he added.