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16 Entrepreneurs from Egypt, Turkey and other countries join Endeavor

Endeavor now supports 672 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 422 companies in 12 emerging market countries.
Endeavor | 01.04.2012
Endeavor selected 16 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico at its 42nd annual International Selection Panel. Endeavor now supports 672 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 422 companies in 12 emerging market countries. The entrepreneurs were chosen at a Panel held from March 27 – 29 in Dubai.

“This panel was one of the most international events we have ever held, both from the point of view of entrepreneurs represented and panelists,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg, who noted the attraction of Dubai’s strategic location. “Our panelists came from as close as Saudi Arabia and as far as Silicon Valley and were incredibly impressed by the global spirit of entrepreneurship represented by the candidates, including the first nominated company from our newest affiliate in Indonesia.”

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating thousands of jobs and building sustainable growth models in their home countries. The International Selection Panel is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step Search & Selection process where top local and international business leaders interview and then offer guidance to entrepreneur candidates. Post-selection, Endeavor provides entrepreneurs with customized services provided by local business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms and top U.S. business schools. Additionally, Endeavor’s Catalyst program co-invests in Endeavor Entrepreneurs’ professional funding rounds.

The Dubai International Selection Panel was also an excellent opportunity to showcase Endeavor’s close ties with Abraaj Capital, which Rottenberg noted has been an indispensable partner for Endeavor in the region. Abraaj has supported Endeavor’s expansion to new countries in MENASA and senior Abraaj managers have served as professional mentors for Endeavor Entrepreneur companies. Arif Naqvi, Chairman of Abraaj Capital and a member of Endeavor’s Global’s Board of Directors, served as one of the 18 judges on the Panel and personally hosted the delegates at the opening night reception. “I can’t thank Arif and his team enough for the warm welcome they provided our global organization in Dubai,” said Rottenberg.

Endeavor will host four more International Selection Panels this year in Cartagena, Colombia (May); London (June); Istanbul (October) and Miami (December).

Entrepreneur(s)/Companies selected:



Entrepreneurs: Dr. Amina Hassab and Mohamed Azab

Company:Hassab Labs

Description: Hassab Labs provides accredited, fast and accurate medical test results to individuals, health professionals and medical institutes in Egypt.

Entrepreneur: Dr. Ahmed Farouk

Company:Imtenan Health Shop

Description: Founded in 2005, Imtenan Health Shop imports, manufactures and sells more than 200 natural health products. With 13 retail locations in Cairo, Alexandria, and Assiut looks to become Egypt’s leading provider of health food and all-natural supplements.


Entrepreneur: Levent Y?lmaz


Description: Founded in 2006, Baydöner is a fast-food chain serving traditional Turkish “doner” at 749 locations throughout the Middle East. Former veterinarians and pharmacists, Levent and his partner Feridun are bringing new standards for quality and efficiency to the industry.



Entrepreneurs: Marcelo Castanha and Guilherme Kümmel


Description: Founded in 1993, Novaprolink is the leading ERP provider to the Brazilian legal industry, helping law firms access millions of legal documents, streamline internal operations, and manage client relationships.

Entrepreneurs: Marcelo Amado and Marcelo Di Giorgio

Company:Touch Watches

Description: Founded in 2009, Touch Watches is a watch and accessories retailer based in Rio de Janeiro. Rolling out more than 700 new designs every year to its 88 franchises, Marcelo Amado and Marcelo Di Giorgio are bringing the fast-fashion concept to Brazil.


Entrepreneurs: Tomas Pollak and Carlos Yaconi

Company:Prey Project

Description: Prey Project is a Santiago, Chile-based anti-theft software company that helps individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations find and recover stolen computers and mobile phones.


Entrepreneurs: Rene Freudenberg & Roberto Iberri


Description: Founded in 1983 by Rene’s father, Interlub provides specialized lubricants to large manufacturing companies in the glass, steel, and automotive sectors in 20 countries.

Entrepreneurs: Jorge & Juan Carlos González Olvera


Description: Founded in 2006, 4e is a Mexican manufacturer of liquid soaps and gels. The third company founded by the Olvera brothers, 4e has won 57% share (by volume) of a market historically dominated by multinationals.

Entrepreneurs: Andrés Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Vera


Description: Founded in 2007, BlueMessaging allows businesses to improve the quality, efficiency, and scalability of their interaction with customers by providing user-friendly mobile and web communication platforms.