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Google Exhibition: Ebda2's next step already started

Google Ebda2’s exhibition aims at helping investors and entrepreneurs come together and thus, introducing future business cooperation possibilities.
Gehad Hussein | 20.03.2012
Google Ebda2 is hosting an exhibition for its 50 finalists to meet investors, talk to the judges and present a prototype of their projects in an individual booth at the Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel today.

In partnership with Innoventures and Science Age Society, the Google Ebda2 competition is going full steam by completing its second phase and giving the entrepreneurs the chance to pitch the business to a panel of judges and submit a business summary document.

“We are hoping to give our finalists exposure to investors, substantial industry partners, and of course, to bring them to the next level of the competition in order to win the 200,000$ prize,” Hesham Wahby, CEO of Innoventures explained.

“Ebda2’s exhibition helps entrepreneurs develop the ability to speak to these people and to understand the priorities of investors, as well as deal with the feedback they get from them,” he added.

Momtaz Moussa, an entrepreneur and founder of ‘Ubering’, is one of the top 50 finalists taking part in the exhibition. Besides being glad that he could meet investors, he has an additional perspective on the benefits of the exhibition: “This is the first time we see all the fully-shaped ideas of the other finalists in one room. It shows how the theories we all started with are becoming a reality and this makes everything more real.”

Wahby is very optimistic about the finalists: “The teams are very competitive. Most of them will probably go on to become actual, running companies in the future, whether they succeed in this competition or not.”

The competition will announce its final winner in a month, after filtering the 50 finalists to 20. There will be another exhibition similar to this with more investors when the 20 finalists are selected.

Google Ebda2 started in September 2011 as a competition organized by Google in cooperation with Innoventures and Science Age Society to identify, mentor and reward the best technology start-up in Egypt, with a final winner who will walk away with $200,000.