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Intel announces winners of Annual Intel Teach and Intel Learn

Intel in collaboration with Egyptian Ministry of Education announce the winners of Annual Intel Teach and Intel Learn Competition.
In the presence of Egypt's Minister of Education H.E. Mr. Gamal Mohamed Al-Araby, Intel announced today the winners of its annual Intel Teach and Intel Learn competition at the Student Union Center in Cairo.

The impact of the two programs has been wide reaching and influential as the Intel Teach program has trained 10 million teachers worldwide, among them 450,000 Egyptian teachers and training over 150,000 Egyptian students through the Intel Learn program.

This year the Intel Teach competition received 382 project submissions from teachers in 22 governorates with the projects focusing on effectively incorporating the use of technology and modern teaching methods to improve education in Egypt. Winners of the competition were awarded based on six different categories: Best Educational Project, Technologically Ideal Teacher, Best IT-Ready Directorate, Best IT-Ready School, Best IT-Ready Trainer, Best IT-Ready Inspector, and Best Technology Development Center.

The Intel Teach program which launched in the Middle East in 2002, aims to improve teachers' effectiveness through their professional development, integration of technology in their teaching lessons, and promoting students' problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

Launching in Egypt in 2005 and with a focus on enhancing 21st century skills, the Intel® Learn program emphasizes skills such as innovation, invention, and collaboration. The program trains students ranging from eight to eighteen years of age with the aim of promoting social development and technology based education.

Discussing the importance of the programs and their positive impact, Intel's Country Manager Karim El Fateh said, "Every country aims for economic and social growth and education is a key foundation to achieve such growth. Thus, Intel is working closely with the Ministry of Education to continue the Intel Teach and Intel Learn programs and competitions for teachers and students to empower them with important 21st century skills through the use of technology."