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Ipsos release online panel data

In 2012, Ipsos will add UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait to its Panel portfolio and also introduce the online planning software by mid-2012.
IPSOS | 09.02.2012
Two years after the launching of the Online Audience Measurement project, Ipsos has released KSA and Egypt panel data. As a result, Ipsos audience software "Gexplorer" now covers online audience data for 8 MENA countries, being UAE; Kuwait; Oman; Qatar; Jordan; Lebanon; Syria and Morocco.

The data encompasses 300 regional participating websites and full Panel Data for KSA and Egypt (including participating websites, non-participating websites, multinational and social networks).

"It took us some time to launch the panel data since the recruitment process was challenging. We needed to achieve a representative sample size in both countries. Also, we were validating the data based on internet penetration by demographics collected from monthly offline studies," Joud Nawar - Ipsos Media Research Manager said.

In 2012, Ipsos will add UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait to its Panel portfolio and also introduce the online planning software by mid-2012.

Consequently, media agencies will have a unique online planning system similar to the existing offline Ipsos flagship services.

Structural offline studies were the basis of the online audience measurement project. The research conducted across 6,000 individuals in KSA shows that the internet population is 7.7 million, of which 65% are male and 35% female. The age group with the highest penetration is 20-24 years old with 19% penetration. Amongst nationalities, Saudis represent 83% of internet users and 17% are Arabs.

Interestingly, the same study conducted in Egypt showed that the internet population across urban areas is 5.8M, comprising 61% male vs. 39% female. Here, the highest age group is between 15-19 years old representing 26%.

Ipsos Genius Audience software "Gexplorer" is the Media planner's first choice due to multiple site duplication analysis. The system focuses on the user: the Real Users (i.e. the individuals).

The audience data is based on high data reliability since it is weighted on regular offline studies. The system includes socio-demographic variables (such as city of residence, typical place where using the internet, frequency of using the web, marital status etc...), age intervals can be defined according to a user's choice, household size and responsibility for shopping.

Gexplorer has also a wide range of media indicators and variables (such as time spent online, average page view duration, audience composition, audience, page views, time share, relative composition, Target Rating Point etc...) in addition it allows data aggregation possibilities where websites are grouped based on networks, media reps and publishers; both analytical and socio-demographic data will be shown for such an aggregate. Gexplorer includes data for the whole region and for any specific country under study.

All data is available at hand, there is no longer any need to wait for the report to be delivered.
After 24 years of establishment in the MENA region, Ipsos is again proving its leadership in media research with the launch of Gexplorer.