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"Google Ebda2" Contestant:

Still in alpha testing, Bosletak is an online platform that helps students and bridges the gap between their education and professional objective.
Gehad Hussein | 08.02.2012
Ahmed elNoshokaty, a 26-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science of Alexandria University, has become on of the top 50 finalists in Google Ebda2.

As the head of a 4-member-strong-team, Noshokaty and Co. have come this far thanks to their project Bosletak (

Still in alpha-testing, Bosletak is an online platform that helps and orients students and bridges the gap between their education and professional objective.

Noshokaty explains why he is fond of this project: “This project is my passion, because I can relate to it. When I graduated from Thanaweyya ‘Amma (Egyptian High School Degree), I did not know where to go and needed someone to help me find my way.”

Targeting a certain segment of users, aging 16-25, the team noticed quickly that the portal’s design, features and layout needs to be out of the box and attractive

To fit into the role of an advisory career guide, Bosletak offers:
1. Aptitude tests to test and assess the abilities of users in different areas of knowledge according to their preferences.
2. Interviews with professionals in different backgrounds and a walk-through of their career.
3. Articles and tips to guide users through their career-path.
4. A forum that acts like a channel for communication between students and professionals to exchange ideas and get tips.
5. Vacancies for job seekers.

“We want to enrich education technology in Egypt and the Middle East. Google Ebda2 offers us a chance to network with different social enterprises, gain support from experts and might even provide us with money,” Noshokaty added. “We now have a better perspective of the project and already discussed possible collaborations with other projects.”

Bosletak was already one of the nine winners of Yahoo! Maktoob and Nahdet ElMahrousa’s Social Innovation starts with You Award.

Here is where you can find Bosletak:
Twitter: @Bosletak