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The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency calls for replacing unsupported mobile phones

The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency calls for replacing unsupported mobile phones in agreement with operators.
Translated from Al Borsa Newspaper

Consumer protection agency suggested several solutions to overcome the crisis faced by the clients after the decision to cut the service for unsupported mobile phones.

Solutions included the hand over of devices that are not approved to specific centers in agreement with importers and mobile phone companies. In that case, devices will be replaced by a certified phone in exchange of a small payment.

During his meeting yesterday with members of the Mobile Division of Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, Ahmed Samir, the Executive Director of the Consumer Protection Organization, stated that those devices cause serious damages to health, as well as their negative impact on the economy, and that those devices will be collected for burning and disposal.

Samir added that there are 5 million unsupported mobile devices connected to service while there are other 5 million devices in the market for sale, which underlines the need to accelerate the implementation of awareness campaigns for consumers.

Samir said that the Consumer Protection Agency is not working against the interests of traders or importers or manufacturers, but it is part of the economic system, indicating that the agency encourages all traders who abide to the law.

Magdy El Khatib, Head of the Mobile Division in the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, underlined the importance of awareness-raising campaigns for consumers, adding that it’s not fair to the consumers need to assume all the consequences.

Khatib suggested awareness-raising campaigns and advertisements in the Egyptian television and satellite channels, in collaboration with the Consumer Protection Agency and the Mobile Division, which includes 45 companies to ensure it has authorized service centers.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Nabrawy, Senior Vice President of the Mobile Division, called for the need to stop mobile service for non-certified equipment to ensure that traders who have the devices that are not supported will hand them out to National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to ensure compliance with the specifications or disposal in case they do not comply with specifications.

Ashraf Adel, Director of Complaints department at the Consumer Protection Agency, said that when the agency receives a complaint from a commodity, the company should be immediately called for investigation, in cooperation with all relevant agencies and the complaint closes if it is the result of misuse and a violation is release if there is a defect in the industry.

NTRA has recently announced a campaign to cut service on some smuggled mobile devices, that are non-conforming to the specifications or that have detrimental impact on the health of citizens and cause technical problems for the mobile networks.