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Makro partners with Egyptian Chefs Association to support Egypt's future chefs

To ensure higher standards in the tourism industry, the course will provide both theoretical and practical training for Egypt's future chefs.
Makro Egypt | 14.11.2011
Makro Egypt in partnership with the Egyptian Chefs Association celebrated the official launch of Egypt's first culinary training centre, located in Akhbar Al Youm Academy in 6th October. The opening was attended by HE Hesham Zaazou, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, and Chef Markus Iten, President of the Egyptian Chefs Association as well as high level officials from the Egyptian Tourism Federation and Makro Egypt.

The centre will host the culinary training program which was recently launched under the auspices of the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF) and the Ministry of Tourism, and in collaboration with both the European Union and the Nile University in Luxor.

Designed to raise the professional standards of culinary arts and food preparation, to ensure higher standards in the tourism industry, the course will provide both theoretical and practical training for Egypt's future chefs, with Makro Egypt lending their expertise in both wholesale and local supply chain development, as well as international standards of hygiene and efficiency.

In support of the culinary program, Makro will be providing the centre with the all the ingredients that the chefs will need, in addition to allowing trainees to both shop and receive additional technical training inside Makro stores. The culinary program has already started, with Makro recently hosting its first technical session for trainees at its Qualoubayia store, where almost 60 chefs received in depth training in to the proper means of transporting, handling and storing fruits and vegetables, meats, fish and dairy products.

During the training at Makro's store, special sessions were given by Chef Badr from ECTC, who offered his expertise regarding specific cuts, hygiene and the preparation of various types of meat from Makro's walk-in freezer.

Commenting on their sponsorship of the program, Francois Oliver, Managing Director of Makro Egypt, said, "The hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) segment is one of our most important customer bases and whenever we can, we work towards supporting the development of this important sector. Tourism is one of Egypt's largest economic contributors and HORECA is a corner stone of this market. If we can work to improve HORECA standards we can play a small part in ensuring Egyptian tourism stays ahead of its competition."

Currently the course is being rolled out in Luxor and Cairo with plans for additional training centres in Alexandria, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Two hundred and eighty five chefs are already enrolled in the course, which will be comprised of 6 modules which are taken over the course of a year. Upon completing the 1 year training course, graduates will be certified to international standards, giving Egypt's hospitality industry a chance to compete with the international community on equal footing.

Upon completion of the program, trainees will be given a final examination, which will be theoretical and practical; those who pass will receive international certification as a Certified Trainee Chef for students who do not have previous work experience or as a Certified Chef, for students with a minimum of one year's work experience.