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TE Data undertakes the development n El Fayoum in cooperation with two NGOsof 'Zaki' village i

TE Data is undertaking the development of one of the poorest villages in Fayoum in cooperation with Bedaya and Orman.
TEData | 18.10.2011
TE Data is undertaking the development of one of the poorest villages in Fayoum, as part of its social responsibility efforts to develop Egyptian villages living under poverty line. TE Data chose 'Zaki' in Fayoum Governorate; since the latter is one of the poorest areas in Egypt.

Azza Torky Chairman of "TE Data" said "The company launched this humanitarian initiative believing in the vital role of corporate responsibility." She pointed out "The company chose this project specifically from a long list of ideas and projects in order to contribute in the progression of the poorest areas in Egypt. The company started immediately in the implementation of developing Zaki village; located in one of the poorest areas in Egypt; Fayoum." She confirmed that the project is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

Ahmed Ossama, Managing Director of TE Data and Head of Home BU, said, "TE Data's initiative was based on several suggestions from the youth over Social media. The idea gained undisputed approval from the Board of Directors. The scope of ??the project is to develop and maintain a number of houses and provide job opportunities for the villagers," Ossama added that there are 4,000 people, equivalent to 650 families in the village; most of them living in very challenging conditions.

Ossama also noted that TE Data carried out this project in cooperation with Bedaya and Orman, both NGOs have great credentials in philanthropy. Ossama added that they agreed with the El Orman on the reconstruction and development of the poor houses in the village in order to provide dignified and humane living conditions. The development includes the improvement of sanitation, water, electricity supply and house roofing. Ossama pointed out that there will be cooperation with Bedaya in providing development projects and enhancement of human skills in the village through lectures and seminar on health, work ethics, and preservation of their environment. In addition, TE Data will implement small projects to be granted to the villagers. The organization will start landscaping the village immediately after the completion of the houses development processes. It's worth mentioning that 75% of the children in the village are illiterate, so TE Data will cooperate with Bedaya to provide literacy classes as well.

Tamer Gadallah, Managing Director and Head of Enterprise BU, pointed out that these projects witnessed active participation from the company's employees who volunteered time and effort to ensure the success of these initiatives. TE Data staff offered their private time to get involved in awareness sessions and seminars to help the individual skills and rehabilitation of the villagers.