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Engagement Specialist

Engagement Specialist for Scitecs
Scitecs for Integrated Solutions | Alexandria | 28.07.2011

•Engagement specialist function as a coordinator between Scitecs and one of its large clients.
•Manage the partnerships and handle escalation issues
•Make sure strong connections are made with large clients and collaborate with the entire team to ensure everyone is involved and passionate about the tasks at hand.
•Schedules and facilitates regular meetings between Scitecs various teams and clients.
•Develop reports on progress, ensure readiness and recommend enhancements.
•Contribute to risk management plans and execution.


•Candidate should be a college graduate (English department).
•Candidate should have excellent command of English language.
•Candidate should be presentable.
•Effective communication and listening skills.
•Exceptional questioning and listening skills
•Previous experience or post graduate studies are a plus.
•Ability to work under pressure.
•Ability to work in teams.
•Good negotiation skills
•Ability to convince and impress customers

Key Competencies

•Interpersonal skills
•Communication skills - verbal and written
•Listening skills
•Problem analysis and problem-solving
•Attention to detail and accuracy
•Data collection and ordering
•Customer service orientation


Bachelor or equivalent certificate

Minimum 1 year of experience