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Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer at Hikma Pharmaceuticals
Hikma Pharmaceuticals | Giza | 26.07.2011

Supervising, planning and coordinating the operation, adjustment and maintenance of all water treatment units, boilers and their related equipment while ensuring water treatment processes and performance are in compliance with set standards of safety, quality and efficiency.
1.Supervising and inspecting water treatment units including di-ionised water, Purified water & wastewater and their related processes
2. Monitoring and following up on boilers and steam distribution network systems maintenance
3.Coordinating with labs on performing daily water tests and following up on lab results
4.Coordinating the procuring of all needed supplies with the purchasing function and ensuring maintaining a sufficient inventory of consumables and spare parts
5. Identifying opportunities for improving water treatment procedures and provide recommendations on process changes
6. Supervising expansion projects of water treatment units, boilers and steam networks
7. Planning maintenance schedules for water treatment units, boilers and steam networks
8. Maintaining maintenance records and following up on maintenance technicians needs
9. Ensuring water treatment processes are in compliance with set safety and quality standards
10. Participating in the development of the Engineering function’s work plan; distributing and following up on work activities, projects and programs, monitoring work flow and reviewing work methods and procedures

Skills: Team leader, hard worker.

Education: B.Sc. degree in Chemical engineering