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Website Seniors Authors/Editors

Raya Holding Technology & Telecommunications S.A.E. Egypt’s largest national player in the communications & IT industry.
Raya Contact Center | El Abbasya,Cairo | 26.07.2011

• Planning the style of copy required and the frequency with which it will need updating.

• Creating schedules and agreeing on deadlines.

• Producing new content and writing it in an interesting and appealing manner.

• Identifying suitable subjects for interview.

• Sourcing images and art work, and commissioning photographers.

• liaising with clients or internal departments to check on content, style and presentation.

• Incorporating written copy onto the website from other individuals or departments.

• Maintaining the site once it is live and ensuring the information is accurate.

• Developing editorial policies, copyright, data protection and best practices.

• Providing oversight to ensure that blogs are following style, meeting standards and serving our audience.

• Generating, developing and executing content ideas and strategies.

• Monitoring the website and the Web at-large for story and source material.

• Fielding and attracting quality tips and inquiries from editors, PR types and outside entities.

• Providing photo assistance and guidance with regard to gathering, editing and crediting.

• Tracking, analyzing and driving results.


• Skills and personal qualities.

• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
• Undertake research using a variety of sources.

• Creativity skills is a must.

• Simplify and explain complex issues and procedures.

• Thorough and precise in their work with a good attention to detail.

• Have a broad understanding of copyright laws. Web and IT skills.

• Excellent editorial skills with a sound understanding of writing for the web and engaging online audiences.
• Solid experience managing dynamic websites (please give examples of web addresses where you were the sole or main web editor).

• Ability to design, deliver and evaluate online campaigns using a range of online media, including interactive spaces.

• Knowledge of digital trends.

• Five-plus years experience in online media, experience in blogging specifically is a plus.

• Familiarity with SEO, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

• Basic HTML and Photoshop skills, experience with blog publishing and content management systems.