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Software Engineer

Software Engineer for IPNEO
IPneo | Cairo | 28.07.2011

Job Field : Telecommunication

Job Type : Full Time

Major : Computer Science

Job Description
Participate in the full development cycle of state-of-the-art protocols. This includes system design, implementation, and testing. The software engineer will be given a set of requirements and is expected to develop software to comply with the requirements. The software engineer will also be required to write documentation.

Responsibilities may include one or more of the following:
- Use of object oriented tools for system design
- Implementing the design using C/C++
- Optimizing the implementation to meet processor and memory constraints
- Functionality, performance and stress testing
- Porting to different mobile platforms

Job Qualifications
- BSc in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science from a top university
- Extensive programming experience using "C'' language
- Good knowledge of object oriented design
- Good knowledge of programming using multithreading
- Good knowledge of socket programming
- Must have experience in programming under windows or Linux
- Good knowledge of networking protocols
- Background in wireless communications is a plus
- Ability to work in a fast paced dynamic environment