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NAL Coordinator

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Horizon Interactive Studios | Cairo | 03.10.2011

- Keep an updated filing system with correspondence, resolutions, press releases, bylaws, recommendations, position papers, training material, presentations, research papers, membership applications, member files.

Keep updated database of the following:

- Members and Affiliate members.
- Senior Party Officers.
- Youth officers.
- Partners and NGOs.
- Donors.
- Media Contacts per country.
- Vendors.
- Possible freelance helpers.
- Regional and International Experts.

- Develop Programs, Activities and Events for NAL & AULY members.

- Prepare travel arrangements and other logistics for the programs and activities.

- Design and Develop 1-2 Initiatives per year to inspire contribution and engagement


- Event Coverage.
- Engage members and supporters through use of Social Networks.
- Update Website, Twitter, FB & YouTube with o Network Events.
- Press Releases.
- Member Party news, articles, photos, videos.
- Youth Contributions, Contests and Announcements.
- Relevant News.
- Consolidate Monthly / Quarterly Newsletter (Eye on Liberty).
- Bi-Annual Report.
- Prepare Press Release & send out to Media Contacts DB.

- Prepare Publications Successful candidate will be rewarded with a Good Salary and Excellent Experience in an International Organization.

Job Qualifications

- Suitable Academic Background: Political Science, Mass Communication, Law, Business, Economics, Development, International Affairs.

- Leadership and Management skills.

- Excellent English and Arabic Skills.

- French is a plus.

- Excellent Communication, thinking, time management and project management Skills.

- Excellent Computer skills and skills with Social Networks/blogging.

- Familiarity with Political Parties or Civil Society Organizations.

- Able to travel overseas several times a year - will work between our offices in Maadi, Heliopolis, Downtown and Mohandeseen.

- Young, Energetic, Cheerful, pleasant, Flexible, hard working and committed.