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ERP Implementer

ERP Implementer for Salis IT Services
Salis IT Services | Giza | 28.07.2011

Job Field : Information Technology

Job Type : Full Time

Major : Computer Information Systems

Required Experience : 5 years

Preferred Gender : Male

Job Description
• Responsible for the implementation of our ERP software at customer sites
• Consulting the customer
• Responsibility for the performance of all ERP project related activities
• Responsibility to travel to customer sites after the standard working hours when needed
• Design & creation of project plans including deadlines, milestones, …etc
• Customer Training
• Report Creation
• Maintenance &support of finished projects
• Analyze business processes
• Everything that comes with the nature of ERP Projects

Job Qualifications
• 5 years of experience in the field of ERP systems
• Very strong accounting knowledge
• Knowledge of MS SQL
• Being a hard and motivated worker
• Self Confidence
• Presentation Skills
• Maintaining and improving client relationships
• Good English language skills
• Graduated from Faculty of Computer Science or Faculty of Commerce or Accounting