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Job Offer: O&M Facilities Specialist

Bachelor's degree in accounting or any relevant field, no experience required.
Elaraby group | 12.12.2021

Job Description

Job Purpose:

  • Work on meeting the maintenance needs within the planned time to ensure achievement of efficiency in the required works.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Collect and review the monthly needs of raw materials, tools and equipment to have them approved by the manager to work on meeting them;

  • Review the codes, prepare the needs plan, send them to the supply chain, follow up implementation in terms of the required details, send technical representatives, send samples etc. to ensure implementation of the set plan;

  • Work on completing the procedures of purchase orders, including seeking approval of the report of technical examination by the responsible engineer and sending it to the warehouse to implement the set plan;

  • Receive requests of the external contractors’ needs approved by the manager as well as send them to the Contracting Department and follow up the implementation to meet their needs;

  • Work on completing the procedures for the external contractor’s dues after completion of the service. This includes (receipt of the inventory approved by the manager, creating an order for the need on SAP with the related quantity and sending them to the Purchase Department, as well as preparing the insurance letter and receiving the payment receipt from the contractor after payment. Other tasks include reviewing the invoices against the implemented portions as well as sending the complete file to the Contracting Department to implement the set plan;

  • Work on opening a project for each work order on the SAP according to the classification of the required works (new project, additional work or maintenance service) as well as close the completed projects and work orders on a monthly basis and undertake annual closing for the whole year to support decision-making;

  • Supply the materials required for each maintenance project during its implementation to implement the set plan;

  • Work to record data for external contracts for each project on the SAP and follow up until completion of the works by the external contractor as well as all the needs of the work orders of materials and tools in the record and on the SAP in coordination with technicians and supervisors in the department on a daily basis. This includes recording imprest (tools and equipment) of the technicians and supervisors and updating it monthly as well as recording the work orders received by the department and their implementation position on Excel and the SAP on a daily basis. 

  • Other tasks include recording the daily position of the department employees’ attendance and seeking approval by the group supervisors to support decision-making; and
    Work on meeting the employees’ needs in terms of human resources and medical management to increase the employees’ satisfaction.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or any relevant field.

  •  0-1years of experience in related field.

  • Cairo &Assuit resident are preferred to apply.

  • Good command in spoken and written English

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