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Job Offer: MEP Head of Operations

At least 10 years of experience in Total facility management are required.

Job Description

Head of Operations responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with other senior management to formulate strategy

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Responsibilities:

  • Formulate business strategy with others in the executive team

  • Design policies that align with overall strategy

  • Implement efficient processes and standards

  • Coordinate customer service operations and find ways to ensure customer retention

  • Ensure compliance with local and international laws

  • Manage contracts and relations with customers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders

  • Evaluate risk and lead quality assurance efforts

  • Oversee expenses and budgeting to help the organization optimize costs and benefits

  • Mentor and motivate teams to achieve productivity and engagement

  • Report on operational performance and suggest improvements

Job Requirements

  • At least 10 years of experience in Total facility management

  • Hotels, Hospitals, background (preferred)

  • Males only

  • Bachelor of Engineering Department of electricity or mechanics

  • postgraduate certificate relevant to TFM (preferred)

  • Residents of Alexandria are preferred

  • Excellent Leadership skills

  • Strong communication skills

  • Excellent management skills

  • Proven experience as Head of Operations, Operations Director or similar leadership role

  • Familiarity with all business functions including HR, finance, supply chain and IT

  • Knowledge of data analytics and reporting

  • Good with numbers and financial planning

  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills

  • Excellent organizational and leadership ability

  • Analytical mind

  • Problem-solving aptitude

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