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Job Offer: Jobs and Careers at Otrac Egypt Credit and Collection / Treasury Manager

10+ years of experience are required.

About the Job

  • Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in collecting overdue payments for charge accounts, credit card accounts, or loans from customers of banks, loan companies, department stores, oil companies, or other credit-card-issuing companies: Reviews delinquent account records to determine which customers must be contacted for collection of overdue accounts.

  • Organizes collection work load according to degree and amount of delinquency and assigns accounts to workers for collection.

  • Writes letters or approves form letters for use in collection attempts.

  • Recommends telephone techniques used by COLLECTOR.

  • Verifies accuracy of accounts, using calculator and computer.

  • Authorizes or refers accounts to manager for repossession and legal actions against debtors.

  • May assist subordinates with collection activities in difficult cases.

  • May supervise and coordinate activities of clerical workers in related activities.

  • Performs duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.

Job Requirements

  • 10+ years of experience 

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