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Sales Order Agent- by Top Business

A multinational company located in El Sheikh Zaied is hiring a Sales Order Agent position
Top Business Group | 19.10.2017

Key Duties and Essential Job Functions:
- Customer monthly visit: On a monthly basis sales order agent must prepare a list of customers to be visited and priority starts with key account customers , customers having issues in supply and billing or credit limit and a visit report should be filled to follow up with customers if their issue has be resolved .
- Order Receipt and validation: Receive and check incoming orders for completeness, correct prices and delivery requirements. Coordinate with customer and/or sales dept. to ensure we have minimum returns and fulfilling customer satisfaction.
- Order input into SAP:
- ​​Ensure customer orders received before 16:00 on the sales e mail address are processed on the sap system same day and all orders received after 16:00 to be done first thing next day.
- Process the customer order in Sap system, with attention on customer back orders due to no stock and refused expiry date, blocked orders due to contract maintenance needed or credit limit check
- Notify customers , sales , finance for any reason that are not enabling you to perform the customer orders and follow up till resolved
- All returned items from the customers’ orders has to processed in the sap system and followed up with the 3 pl till these items are available for sale again
- Issue order confirmations, delivery advice and invoices: Based on the customers’ requirements issue order confirmations and delivery advice. - Issue invoices based on delivery and destination country needs.
- Log all customers orders in the tracking files on the shared folder: All customers orders(reagents+ spare parts) has to be logged and tracked till its delivered , all customers return and partial delivery has to be tracked till the new invoice or delivery note is transferred to collection team.
- Coordinate delivery with 3PL and the customers: Coordinate the delivery in regards to the goods movement, the proof of delivery, signed invoices till being delivered to collection team etc.
- System process tests:
- The sap health check report should done twice a week (Sunday, Wednesday ) to ensure the following :All outbound idocs are processed correctly to the 3 pl
- Back orders are released to customers and all orders block reasons are cleared with finance and escalate to sales and finance if not resolved
Orders not delivered
- Incomplete delivery
- Open/overdue goods issue
- Documents in billing due list
- Documents yet to be released to Acc.

Experience and Qualifications:

- Degree or equivalent experience: Bachelor degree
- Years of experience: min. 3-5 years
- Fluent in English
- Preferably knowledge of Arabic language
- Strong technical skills and effective communication both verbal and written.
- Strong ability to coordinate with internal and external partners (Sales Dept., Germany, Switzerland, 3PL, etc.)
- Demonstrated ability to work with ERP functionality.
- Demonstrated strong ability to communicate with customers and agents.

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