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Supply chain projects coordinator needed for LEONI

B. Sc. of Engineering /computer science/ Operation or Supply chain and excellent command of English are required.

Job Description

•Define, analyze the current material flow aspects •Improve the material flow aspects by implementing new technologies of lean material flow concepts •Optimize storage density / methods •Maintain a proper material handling process, labeling & material transactions processing •Create and Manage the internal logistics concept •Ensure having regular communication channels with all related parties (e.g. regular meetings, reports, workshops .. etc.) through which all the above mentioned items will be completely covered •Simultaneously draw the attention of the company management to the inventory levels &/or any deviations from related targets •Establish, review & improve controls of the MRP I/O to minimize irregularities (Improper order, wastes) •Maximize probability of material availability to production at the right place at all times •Coordinating the completion of the various KanBan activities to ensure a quality product is produced

- B. Sc. of Engineering /computer science/ Operation or Supply chain - Project Management / Supply Chain Solutions in a manufacturing environment - Excellent command of English - Complete Proficiency of Microsoft Office - Working knowledge of ERP/MRP concepts - Working knowledge of Databases structures and design - Working knowledge of Programming Environment (Visual Basic or other database related programing skills)