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We're hiring an IT customer experience manager

Experience is needed, CRM, P&S, Digital and Physical Channels is a plus.
Etisalat Misr | 16.10.2016

Job Description

- Work with customer experience teams and functional business units to configure, support, and implement customer experience journey covering all channels and touch points: digital / physical including: messaging, IVR, USSD, Chat, Portal, CRM and shops.
- Work tightly with business development to develop a voice-of-customer VOC framework and communicate the giving feedback to products and services development body in order to offer advice, solutions to achieve organization CE / CX strategy.
- Provide thoughtful and insightful solutions that address customer needs / issues / pains. Coordinate and execute solutions to ensure the quality of customer engagement.
- Develop procedures and workflows for customer experience.
- Prepare and deliver recommendations or alternatives that address existing and potential pain areas in order processing, customer experience, and issue management.
- Develop / support in measuring CX KPIs and / or CEIs including all communication channels and touch points.
- Provide front-line support, development, and maintenance of all customer experience systems.
- Analyze customer feedback / response to internal IT and product stakeholders to provide the best user experience.
- Review products and services from customer experience perspective and provide enhancements and direction regarding such matter
- Responsible for testing the customer experience of the product and service to ensure the best experience is provided to Etisalat customers
- Review different touch points and ensure consistency across channels
- Define a strategy for the Omni-channel experience and ensure the execution of such strategy
- Responsible for setting the usability guidelines within Etisalat and reviews to ensure that such guidelines are being followed
- Define a communication strategy with the customers and ensure unifying the platforms that communicates with Etisalat customers
- Plan & manage the execution for the Customer Experience platforms as well as the needed expansions to serve Etisalat business requirements.
- Responsible for managing large scale projects and complex deliverable.
- Manage RFPs for new major/strategic Customer Experience platforms/solutions and manage the vendor/suppliers to deliver the agreed solutions according to the requirements.
- Report team achievements, concerns, lessons learnt and status reports in a periodic manner.

- 7 years of experience.
- We are looking for an individual with innovative & creative ideas about customer experience and the desire to discuss and implement them.
- Passion for technology, digital consumer products, all things electronic.
- Analytical, creative, and innovative approach to solving problems.
- Strong communicator. Ability to work with individuals and groups at all professional levels both internally and externally.
- Ability to work independently on self-started projects as well as collectively on larger projects.
- Experience with CRM, P&S, Digital and Physical Channels is a plus.

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