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Compensation and Benefits specialist needed for Magrabi

2-4 years of experience and bachelor of business administration is preferred.
Magrabi Optical | 29.05.2016

Job Description

1. Ensure compensation practices are in compliance with company Comp & Ben policy.

2. Use various methods and techniques and make data based decisions on direct financial cost , indirect cash and noncash compensations.

3. Conduct ongoing research for emerging trends, issues and best practices.

4. Implement, and manage salary classification and comp.

5. Analyze surveys to ensure appropriate compensation across all regions.

6. Negotiate collective agreements on behalf of employers or workers.

7. Participate on salaries review cycles & advise on salary increase requests.


1. Bachelor degree in Business Administration or any relevant field.

2. 2 - 4 Years of experience in relevant position.

3. Excellent knowledge in MS office.

4. Very Good interpersonal and Organization skills.

5. Very Good Analytical skills.

6. Dynamic and proactive.

7. Team Player.

To apply follow this link.