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Internal Communication Executive needed for Aramex

Experience with designing programs and proficiency in English are required.
Aramex | 22.03.2015

Job Description:

- Engaging employees and increase their sense of belonging to Aramex brand.

- Keeping the employees updated with what is happening around them.

- Providing effective and efficient communication.

- Increase employees’ interaction level toward the internal communication.

- Providing yearly communication plan ready to be applied.

Major Duties and responsibilities:

- Building a dynamic aramex culture through spreading awareness with the last updates.
- Engaging employees through Competitions, activities, events and creating a system that enables two way of communication that ensures the desired outcome.
- Providing a communication plan for each event detailing target audience and plans for reaching them.
- Ensure the development of new inspired approaches to reach and affect aramex employees positively.
- Revamp aramex online communication channels, and reach employees efficiently.
- Develop new online channels.
- Market internally for aramex activities and initiatives.
- Implement the internal communications strategy.
- Suggest what information should be presented to employees.
- Support ideas with research and experience.
- Design templates for organizational announcements.
- Edit and revise content as necessary.
- Edit, design, and print Aramex internal publications.
- Evaluate the success of internal communications.


• Designing programs Professional.
• Microsoft Office
• Excellent command in English
• Good communication skills

Mass Communication / Marketing

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