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Quality Control Manager needed for Olympic Group

Contribute in studying the needs of EMEA central support team from technical support as well as developing plans to implement them.
Olympic Group | 29.06.2014

To apply for this vacancy, please visit:

Job Description

• Work with EMEA Support Team :

-Contribute in studying the needs of EMEA central support team from technical support as well as developing plans to implement them.

-Provide technical documents to distributers and service agents of Electrolux in MEA Region to enhance their service level and technical knowledge.

• Monitor Products Performance :

-Develop monthly reports to monitor the various products’ quality and technical performance in the market through calculating Service Call Rate (SCR) and analyzing it to get the recommendations, and then communicate it with all stakeholders; factories, research & development, and marketing.

-Develop semi-annual reports to make qualitative assessment for various perspectives such as serviceability, product quality, support, and customer satisfaction, through surveys distributed to expert service technicians from all over Egypt and analyzing it to get actions.

-Recording and analyzing issues and formulating issue investigation reports.

• Support the Projects of Launching New Products and Modifying Current Products :

-Participate in the projects undertaken by Electrolux which requires the presence of a representative from the Support and Development Department in Customer Care Sector through developing the reports and required documents and updating Products Management Flow Gate (PMF Gate).

-Develop technical reports with remarks and recommendations in collaboration with R&D, Factories, and Marketing.

-Supervise updating New Projects Monitoring Master Sheet and Knowledge Bank as well as developing the technical bulletins and formulating the needed documents and service manuals in Arabic.

• Support Service Operations, Supply Chain, and CRM Departments :

-Provide technical consultations for service operations through e-mail, phone calls, or meetings.

-Update and review the technical data of spare parts and tools and providing the technical opinion for new supplied items.

-Supervise supporting the periodic physical inspection of warehouses by approving similarities.

-Supervise configuring the blank PCBs for Electrolux products using Side Kick and continuously update the software.

-Update and review technical data such as troubleshooting, products list, spare parts list, services list, and costs.

-Provide necessary documents and trainings on identifying products types as well as identifying and defining errors.

-Supervise assuring the understanding of technical bulletins in all branches and agents and periodically review them as well as preparing illustration aids to facilitate the delivery of technical information.

• Perform Quality Control Activities :

- Develop spare parts replacement process, inspection specifications, testing specifications and repairing precautions through studying the various standards and communicating with factories and R&D.

-Supervise performing inward quality inspection for all supplied spare parts and tools.

-Supervise inspecting replaced spare parts and develop analysis reports with trends and classifications.

-Supervise inspecting the exchanged products and develop analysis reports with trends and non-conformity issues.
- Supervise inspecting returned spare parts and highlight any issues.

• Manage Electronic Workshop:

- Follow up inspecting all replaced PCBs of the various products by service technicians in all branches and agents and classify them according to defect and potential to be repaired.

-Supervise recording and analyze PCBs issues through communicating with maintenance, quality, and technical support teams and formulating reports to determine the root causes and develop suitable corrective actions.

• Leadership
• Excellent English language skills.
• Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
• Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Communication skills
• Team work skills
• Technical Mastery

B.Sc. Engineering