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Web Developer needed for Wasla Contact Center

Be responsible for the design, layout, coding, updating and maintenance of a website for Wasla Contact Center Egypt.
Wasla Contact Center | Cairo | 18.07.2012

To apply for this vacancy, please visit:

Job Description

-Responsible for the design, layout and coding of a website. They are involved with the technical and graphical aspects of a website - how the site works and how it looks.
-can also be involved with the maintenance and update of an existing site.
-After establishing the target audience for a website and identifying the type of content it will host will:
-write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet business requirements
-test the website and identify any technical problems
-upload the site onto a server and register it with different search engines.


•Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Communication/Computer Engineering.
•Excellent using of Design programs.
•Interactive designs, with a web usability interface.
•Coding technologies required as below:
o CSS, CSS3.
o Design Sense.
o JavaScript, jquery & Ajax.
o PHP & ASP will be a plus.