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Regional Head of Digital needed for British Council Egypt

Ensure the successful evolution of BC’s digital presence and products in MENA by working with the regional leads.
British Council Egypt | Giza | 04.07.2012

Please follow the link below to fill the application form:

Purpose of job: To ensure the successful evolution of BC’s digital presence and products in MENA by working with the regional leads to determine, and drive implementation of, digital activity that supports the region’s audience and income targets. She/he will inspire, enable and guide staff to achieve their digital goals and ensure that MENA plays a full role in building BC’s global digital operation, sharing content, best practice and learning.

Context and environment: (e.g. dept description, region description, organogram)

British Council is beginning a large scale transformation of its digital presence, including implementation of a new content production and management system (CMS). Heads of Digital will be placed within a number of markets around the world to support this implementation and to support the development of stronger digital presence and products across the market. British Council has ambitious targets for reach and revenue which can be achieved through a greatly enhanced digital portfolio.

This post is part of the Global Digital Team with an accountability and reporting line to the Head of Global Content Delivery, but also as a direct report to Director Marketing, Communications and Digital, MENA. The digital team consists of a number of globally-responsible posts including Head of Global Content Delivery, Head of User Experience, Head of Digital Technology, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, DAM Manager etc.

In MENA British Council is facing a time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity, including within the digital environment. The landscape of the region has changed dramatically with the advent of the Arab Spring but the outcomes of this upheaval are still far from clear. It is imperative that we develop a range of responses through our cultural relations work that meet young people’s concerns about making their voices heard and improving their prospects for employment and a better life.

We have ambitious plans to help us meet these new challenges and by 2015 we expect to see major growth in audience reach to well beyond 10m people per year and substantially increased income from our Teaching Centres and Exams businesses to some £80m. Our plans emphasise the need to better understand and interact with our audiences and stakeholders, make more effective use of new digital technologies and increase the impact of what we do by telling our story more effectively.

We are therefore looking for an experienced digital professional to be part of our regional and global team to support the digital transformation of our work in MENA.

Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
(including people management and finance)

• Works at market level to facilitate the successful implementation and use of new digital tools and products. Initially this will include a new CMS.

• Works with regional leadership teams and global digital team to establish and evolve appropriate and effective digital strategies; facilitates and guides implementation of these strategies. Provides direction as to development of content on all platforms; provides guidance as to levels of quality, compliance and accessibility.

• Provides expert leadership to all involved in digital working in the market, facilitating communication, sharing of best practice, exploiting synergies and building team confidence. Supports up-skilling and training roll-outs within the region.

• Takes editorial responsibility and is accountable for quality and accessibility standards for regional and country level content on all digital platforms and local/regional partners’ platforms.

• Uses expert knowledge to ensure the regional digital presence supports the market priorities, whether these are building Teaching Centre business, or developing remote learning opportunities.


• Up-to-date and maintained knowledge of digital tools and platforms
• Project and contract management (level 2, especially context, market and stakeholders)
• Business management and development (level 2, especially market analysis and business
• Spoken and written Arabic at functional level.