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Web Developer needed for Innoventures

Develop, maintain and support the website for Innoventures, as well as websites for some of their clients.
Innoventures | Cairo | 28.05.2012

To apply for this vacancy, please send your CV to:

This is a part-time or full-time position, effective immediately. Salary range is competitive with employers of professionals in a similar capacity in Egypt, and the role offers a significant opportunity for accelerated career advancement.

The Web Developer will be responsible for developing, maintaining and supporting the website for Innoventures, as well as websites for some of our clients.

Based on the agreement, the role may also allow the Web Developer to work on additional projects on a freelance basis, using our facilities and with clients identified through our network.

The ideal candidate will either be an ambitious fresh graduate, or with up to 3 years of experience in a relevant capacity. He/she should be passionate about collaborating with entrepreneurs, supporting innovative ventures, and working in such a creative environment based on self-motivation.
Skills and Keywords

Must have: Ability to independently manage the complete process of developing a website. , Passion for the role, and desire to create top-quality websites. , Confidence in working and interacting with clients., Proficiency in the technical skills and tools required for web development: HTML, XML, PHP, SQL, etc., Some graphics expertise, a grasp of design and layout principles, and a good artistic sense., Excellent and organized writing skills.