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Head of Translation Hub needed for Ernst and Young

Lead the Translation Hub activities, and ensure that all translation jobs are as per Ernst & Young quality standards.
Ernst & Young | Cairo | 29.05.2012

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Job Description:

The role of the Head of Translation Hub within Ernst & Young is to lead the Translation Hub activities, along with ensuring that all translation jobs are as per Ernst & Young quality standards.

As a Head of Translation Hub he/she will know the policies, procedures and practices necessary to conduct the normal function of a specific sub service line. He/she is aware of the role of the position and its potential impact on the working unit.
? Studies source text to understand the meaning and convert it into another language to convey the original meaning, spirit and feeling
? Use dictionaries and other sources to determine meanings of words and phrases and to establish their closest equivalent in the target language
? Revise and review existing translations
? Translating financial statements, proposals and feasibility studies from English to Arabic and vice-versa
? Translates all the governmental documents
? Other duties as assigned
? Supervise a pool of translators and senior translators
? Distribute the assignment among the translators
? Coordinate the translator's products to make sure alignment and consistency are observed in style and terminology
? Monitor the productivity & utilization of the team
? Excellent command of English and Arabic linguistic structures
? Understanding and acceptance of different cultures
? Able to work accurately and objectively
? Initiative and good at research
? Broad general knowledge
? Able to prioritize work to meet deadlines
? Have an experience in dealing with assignments relating to governmental offices and agencies
? Well acquainted with the common terminologies and names of governmental agencies.
? Capable of dealing with translation involving different texts formats (diagrams, charts, pictures .etc)
? Capable of running big translation tasks (long contracts, books, researches, etc.).
? Excellent written and oral communication skills
? Literate on MS Office and Lotus Notes